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Sedansa 2GO

Sedansa 2GO


The 2GO electronic cigarette is incredibly comfortable to use, with an atomiser and refills specifically designed for the tank system.

The 650 mAh battery is fitted with an ON/OFF safety system, an LED display showing you how much battery is left while the device is in use and the charge status when the battery is plugged into the USB charger.

The USB charger also has a warning light showing you the battery charge status.

Compatibility is the 2GO’s real strength. The 2GO has been developed so it is totally suitable to be used with products compatible with the most popular 510 models on the market, including cartomisers, atomisers and clearomisers.

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15,95 €

On sale!
On sale

TRANSPARENT TANK The 2GO has a 1.3ml tank and an atomiser guaranteed not to leak liquid. This means you can get the most out of the aromas, and it produces a large amount of vapour.
It is transparent, so you know how much liquid there is left inside the tank at any time, so will never have to vape on an empty tank.
SAFETY SYSTEM The 2GO has a simple ON/OFF safety system for safe storage and transport. Press the ON/OFF switch three times to turn it on or off.
LED DISPLAY Users can easily check how much battery they have left thanks to the colour-coded LED display, which switches from green to orange and then to red. The lights show the battery charge status, ranging from "fully charged" to "low battery".
PASSTHROUGH FUNCTION Vape and charge at the same time. The circuit used in the 2GO battery means it's safe to use when you're recharging using a USB port or another charger.
1x Battery 650mAh
1x Atomizer
1x AC adaptator 110/220V
1x USB connection cable
5x Empty replacement tanks + 1 original tank.